Babe 😍😍😍



New idea? 😕😏😉☺

Hey guys, so I’ve been thinking and I’d really like to start posting inspirational quotes and other inspirational and healthy life style ideas as well as fashion (obviously) what do you guys think? Would you like that? 💋❤

Im So Sorry 😢

I’m am so sorry for not posting in such a long time and I know that the same thing happened before but I am truly sorry, I realise that I need to stop making excuses for not uploading in such a long period of time and start enguraging and reminding myself to upload more often. I can’t make a promise I can’t keep so I’m not going to promise you guys that I will upload more Often but I can promise that Ill try harder and remind myself about my blog.

Fashion is a massive part of my life and I love to share it with other people wich is why I made this blog in the first place: I love to show people my style. When I first made this blog it was mostly because of my passion for fashion and partly of boardom and gradually it became a big part of my life, a part of my life that I missed a lot but now I’m back and the blog is once more that very important part of my life. I love your continues encouragement, it is so amazing to know that people actually find my posts interesting and that so many people are visiting this blog and some even following 😘 A thousand people isn’t really that much compared to other more successful people but for me it’s a lot and more than I deserve. Thank you all So So much again and I am truly sorry for my laziness 😂

a little chat with you guys

I am sooooooo sorry faboowers for not posting for so long. I just completely forgot about my weekly posts on my blog.I guess 2014 has been a really intresting and time-taking year for me. Again I am so sorry and I promise I will try really hard to start my usual rutin of weekly posting again.

P.s when I just realized that I havnt been posting on my blog I logged straight on and had such a massive surprise. I looked dawn my notificatins and saw how many hits ive got, im not bragging or anything but I cant belive it 1,004!!! I dont know how I managed and i dont even think I diserve this. Its amazing. I remember when I first started my blog it was just for fun, to take my mind off somethings, I bearly even knew how to post a picture or something and from an idea of starting a blog it ended with 1, 004 of u guys visiting my blog thats so amamzing!. Thank you guys sooooo much I couldnt have done this with out you.

Have you ever achieved something you never thought would ever happen?

Love Alexandra xxx